Nothing is as it seems.
Noone is to be trusted.
Enemies and friends are one and the same.
To be a coward in the face of mysterious danger is no shame.

Name: Ahmad Rasoul, alias Andy Bishop

Hofmann Institute, Special Agent

Agility:d10  Alertness:d6
Strength:d6  Intelligence:d10
Vitality:d6  Willpower:d4

Derived Attributes:

35 Endurance Points
16 Speed in yards per round (12m)
20 Essence Pool

5 Hard to kill Lvl 5
2 Situational Awareness
3 Nerves of Steel
2 Fast Reaction Time
3 Good Luck Lvl 3


2 Brawling
5 Dodge
2 First Aid
5 Guns (Auto Rifle)
3 Guns (Pistol)
4 Mechanic
3 Notice
5 Stealth
3 Survival (Forest)
3 Survival (Urban)

Arms & Armor:
M16 Assault Rifle 5.56mm (+10, d8x4, Cap30, 10/50/150/600/1000m); 250 5.56mm Ammunition
Colt M1911 .45cal (+8, d8x4, Cap8, 3/10/20/60/120m); 50 .45cal Ammunition
Class IV Vest (AV d8x5+20)
Class III Helmet (AV d8x3+18)
5 Offensive Grenades (+2, 3/7/10/13/20m: GZ1:d6x8/GE3:d6x6/MR5md6x2)

Camouflage Fatigues "MARPAT" (Stealth+2, Forest)
Combat Webbing
First Aid Kit (6 uses)
Flashlight (~50y)
Gas Mask
5 Days Survival Rations
Water Purifier tablets